Why I Run

10 March 2019 | Episode |

“He’s Running.”

Hereby I declare my candidacy for National Representative to the United States to the International Trail Running Association.
I mean, I’ve been running for many years now, and I’ve been pretty vocal about it. I’m one of those guys, I guess.

When I first discovered running the goal was to find a physical and mental outlet, a challenge, a workout, a break from the everyday. Over the years I discovered a new side of me or perhaps rediscovered who I always wanted to be. And through this ‘new me’ I found more than just myself. I found a gracious community, a positive lifestyle, and a sustainable ethos for living on this planet we all share.

Running inspires me every day. This so seemingly simple action of tying my shoes and stepping our the front door in turn inspires and challenges me to give back. What I’ve been given and have experienced I want to pay forward, give back and inspire new people to discover the beauty of running on trails.
To grow this community is to inspire more people to enjoy the trails. This will lead to better funding for trails, more trail race opportunities, new running groups for various interests and even better gear and better science.

One of the most unique and fascinating aspects of our trail race community is that there are very few sports where any amateur hobbyist runner can toe the line right alongside the sponsored professional athletes. There’s no separate classification, no different start time, no exclusive treatment. This allows people to dream and get inspired to train, to reach further, to aim higher.

Racing on trails in vastly varied terrain allows for an even playing field. The personal accomplishment of any runner reaching their goal and completing their dream race is celebrated on the same level as a new course record.

To keep races exciting and unique trails, and the natural environment in which we race must be treated with the utmost care and protection.

ITRA positions itself as the global steering committee for our sport. Its mission is to promote strong values, diversity, the safety of races and the health of runners in the trail running community. The constructive communication between the national and international bodies with an interest in the sport are at the heart of this.

I run.
I run to represent the US at ITRA.
I run to serve this global community.
Through advocacy.
Through sharing of ideas.
By giving all voices a platform.
And by inspiring runners to contribute their ideas and engage with their community.

Please, become a member and vote for me!