The Edge of Vastness – Film Premiere

14 June 2017 | Episode |

Just five weeks ago, we headed south to tackle one of our craziest adventures yet. As winter finally was ending in the Pacific Northwest, Doug and I took off for a week long expedition to the deserts of the American Southwest. We drove many miles, visited new and wondrous places and went to run the epic Grand Canyon from South Rim to North Rim and back, all in a day, all in one go. Among rocks millions of years old, carved by the everlasting patience of the mighty Colorado River, we discovered desire beauty, refueled our sense of exploration and tested our minds, bodies and souls in ways we could never have imagined. We left as rainforest runners, we came back as canyon cowboys. On June 19th, 2017, come see, here and experience this amazing trip with The Outdoor Society. 

Surrounded by foreign terrain, intense heat and a landscape as old as time itself, we journeyed on. With each passing minute, the canyon become more intoxicating, luring us deeper down toward the Colorado River. It would be a day of trials and tribulations elation and joy, pain and happiness- the ultimate trail running experience. For nearly 50 miles and over 15,000 feet of elevation gain, we ran in a region completely foreign to us. The region quickly captured our hearts, rekindling a lost love of the American Southwest desert neither of us new existed.

It was the start of May 2017 and The Outdoor Society was running the famous Rim to Rim to Rim run, crossing the span of the Grand Canyon twice in a day. Some would say the adventure was foolish, others questioned our sanity. Even we looked at the signs along the canyon rim and questioned what we were doing. Yet, before sunrise, we started on our journey from the South Rim to the North Rim and back, in one day. We were unsure of pretty much anything. We knew the distance, we knew the route, but we had no clue what secrets, beauty, or challenges the Grand Canyon would hold for us. Months of training in the rainy winter of the Pacific Northwest, running miles of trails through trees, ferns and pristine river valleys, none of this could have properly prepared us for what was ahead.

The Grand Canyon and Rim to Rim to Rim run is one of the iconic trail runs in the world, bringing athletes from across the globe to test their skills and determination. The Canyon called to us, a perfect adventure for Mathias’ 40th birthday. On his first road trip around America, he joined the road warrior Douglas Scott, who hoped he would be able to bring something to the run and the adventure. Consisting of over 3,000 miles of driving and 50+ miles of running, this would be the great exploration of 2017, a perfect way to kick off and inspire this year’s adventures. We came back with many stories, some we’re still processing.

On Monday, June 19 2017, join Mathias and Douglas at Olympia’s Three Magnets Brewery for an inspiring, humorous and beautiful retelling of this incredible run. Highlighted by a short film, created by Mathias Eichler, the night is sure to be stoke your adventurous spirit and kick off your summer of trying to fulfill your unquenchable wanderlust. Called “The Edge of Vastness“, our first short film will be released on Monday June 19th and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.


Please join us for our premiere screening on June 19th at 7pm at the Barrel Room of Three Magnets Brewing in downtown Olympia.

This global launch party is free, family-friendly and will be fun – we promise. We’ll share stories, toast to adventure and relive those crazy moments down in the canyon.