Snow? Snow!

30 October 2015 | Episode |

There is a storm brewing over the Pacific Ocean and this weekend, it will slam into Western Washington. Heavy rains will fall, winds will blow, and up in the mountains, snow will finally start to accumulate. Mount Rainier could see 13 feet of snow!  Are you ready?

Just a few weeks ago we planted plants on Sunrise during National Public Lands Day. There, my family had our last high alpine fall hikes, and took full advantage of the last opportunity to catch some rays and dine at the now-closed-for-the-season Paradise Inn. Now, we are ready to hunker down, batten up the hatches and light the fireplaces (in our dreams), all in anticipation for winter conditions.

Winter is at our doorsteps and our prayers for snow will soon be answered.


Snowbrains has the lowdown:

Up to 162″ of snow (13.5-feet) is currently forecast to fall on 14,411-foot Mt. Rainer in Washington state in the next 3 days.

Even 10,000-foot Mt. Baker is forecast to get 70″ of snow in the next 3 days.

Snow levels will start high but will drop to as low as 4,000-feet by Sunday.

If you want to follow along in real time,  check out our webcam live feeds of Mt. Rainier Paradise and Hurricane Ridge.

snow3The more sincere Cliff Mass calls it:

“Serious Precipitation and Flooding is Probable During the Next 72 Hours”

So watch for floods in lower elevations!

Meanwhile at our friendly neighbors to the North it’s already snowing. Less than a month away until Whistler, North America’s #1 ranked overall Ski Resort will open up their 2015/16 ski season. Snow is here!!


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