‘Outside’s $hit Sandwich’

24 May 2019 | Episode 57 |

Hey, it’s our first *Explicit* rated show in the history of Singletrack. We’re responding, strongly! to the recently written article by bully Marc Peruzzi in Outside Magazine blasting trail runners as ‘lazy parasites and deadbeats’.
Apologizes to our listeners who might be offended by the coarse language in this episode. No apologizes to Outside for publishing such a 💩 show.
Sometimes you gotta punch back.

In fact, the entire show is us commenting on the news. There’s snow at the Grand Canyon, Patagonia goes on the offense, it doesn’t look good for Hard Rock 100 for this year and there’s a UltraHouse, a permanent aid station open to all in Arizona.

Next week will be unicorns and bubblegum again, we promise!