‘The Mixtape Volume 1’

19 April 2019 | Episode 52 |

This week, Singletrack celebrates 52 straight weeks of trail running talk.

We can’t believe we have lasted this long, especially without replacing Doug as a co-host. To celebrate the first year of this incredible podcast, we decided to give a gift to our dear listeners.

After the usual introduction of Doug and Mathias recapping their weeks and addressing some listener feedback, the guys get together and share a playlist they made, just for you. This mixtape is a great combination of musical genres and has some serious bangers in it.

Besides sharing the songs, Mathias and Doug explain why they picked a few songs and mock a few of the choices the other made. Lively and entertaining, this episode is a great one.

A sincere thanks to you all for listening, laughing and letting us know that you like what we do. Share us with your friends and family, give us a review (five stars please) and subscribe!

Special thanks to Jasco’s EcoSurvivor Ear Buds for hooking Doug up with a pair of headphones on his run. The full review is included in this episode.

Also, a huge thank you goes out to Heritage Bank for being our sponsor this week. Heritage Bank is more than a community bank; see how they are different.

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