‘Fire, Ice and Jingle Bells’

28 December 2018 | Episode 36 |

Groundbreaking Obscure. Memorable. Hilarious. Artistic.
Sometimes, there are movies that are too good to not be shared, Fire and Ice is one of them. In this week’s episode, Mathias and Doug give themselves a present by discussing the 1986 German Ski Film, Fire and Ice. Full of memorable quotes, ski dancing, tongue rolling and incredible music, this movie is a classic that few have seen. We dive deep into the movie, recapping the scenes and lines, giving you, the listener, an audio journey of the movie that is a classic at The Outdoor Society. We laugh a lot, talk about 80s culture and clothing, and of course, sing.
This episode is brought to you by the 2019 Summit Book, covering Mount Ellinor and Mount Rainier, which is a land of fire and ice!

Show Notes: