Sellarona Hero – The World’s toughest Mountain Bike Marathon

26 February 2015 | Episode |

With the mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest people are getting restless in their homes and are itching to hit the trails. If you need an awesome inspirational video to get yourself in the mood for the coming Summer and start planning. Here is #WEROCK.

Yeah, not Pacific Northwest, and it’s even in German. But it’s narrated by Reinhold Messner and the location he’s talking about are the Dolomites in the South Tyrol region of the Alps in Northern Italy.

Sellaronda Honda bills itself as ‘The world’s toughest mountain bike race’. The course is  87km/59miles with an total elevation gain of  4.700m/15,420ft. Yeah, that is rough. Here is a 3D overview of the course.

This is a different kind of approach of enjoying the outdoors and I believe the Pacific Northwest needs more of it. So, there. Enjoy the video. Watch it in HD. Flyover mountain pictures are always the best.

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