Regarding Our Trail Races

15 March 2020 | Episode |

An update I sent out a couple days ago to all our trail racers. If you’d like to stay informed and get some irregular updates on our trail races Wild Kaiser, Little Backyard Adventure, and Rock Candy Mountain Run sign up here. Thank you!


Let me begin by making the assumption that no one who’s reading this lives under a rock (although that would be a pretty safe place to be at right now). We’ve all been glued to the news. Things are crazy and everything is changing by the hour.
Many of the popular early season races are being cancelled here in the PNW and worldwide and the global COVID-19 pandemic will have an effect on our races too.

Here’s a quick update on where we’re at:

  • Will our races happen as planned?
    At this moment, with ‘Wild Kaiser’, the first race of the year still being out by three months, I don’t foresee that we need to cancel or postpone any of our races. I promise to keep you all informed as things develop.
  • Cleanliness and sanitation on race day
    I’m in contact with several race directors and we’re sharing best practices on how we can improve sanitation during the races, especially at aid stations. As we get closer to race day I will announce the updated plan.
  • Stay alert, stay tuned
    As you’re aware this situation is changing rapidly and it’s hard to predict where we will be tomorrow, let alone next week or next month. Please stay tuned, read our emails, follow us on social media and do reach out if you have questions!
  • Stay healthy and keep running
    The walls might feel like they are caving in, but, if you can, find time to go on a run. Spend time outside in the fresh air, clear your head. The trails are virus-free, invigorating and wild.

Hug your loved ones, call your family and friends. Be close, share moments together, find time for joy and happiness!

Looking forward to share some trails with you soon,

Mathias & team

PS: More orientation runs will happen soon – stay tuned.

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