Night Running Deserves a Quiet Night

26 June 2021 | Episode 192 |

It’s good to be a fan right now. Red Bull XAlps is happening, Euro 2020, Lavaredo just kicked off and it’s Western States weekend. So much going on. Perfect time to flee the heat and follow along some incredible events online. Doug and Mathias als talk about their shenanigans of the last week which included night running, and setting up an aid station in the middle of Capitol Forest at 2am, hosting the first orientation run for the upcoming Little Backyard Adventure race and so so so much more.

Important housekeeping note: Even though the intro message says we’re on a new podcast hosting platform, we are in fact not yet. Stay tuned for more backend work, that hopefully doesn’t impact you at all.

Thanks for listening and following us wherever we may go!


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