Mt. Rainier National Park: Early Access to Sunrise Road starting this weekend

8 June 2016 | Episode |

Can I get a loud wooooohoooo?

Starting this weekend, June 10-12 Sunrise road will be open to bicyclists and hikers! No vehicles will be allowed o the road, and there is still plenty of snow removal that needs to happen before the scheduled full opening on July 1.

But, we’ll take what we can get and love this announcement by the National Park Services.

For a full list of updated road conditions and alerts visit the official Mount Rainier National Park website.

Below is the full announcement by the NPS from today:

Work continues on preparing Sunrise facilities to open by the forecasted date of July 1. Through June 9, snow removal efforts are making their way up the road. Administrative access of work vehicles is expected to begin on Monday, June 13, after roads have been cleared of snow. These work vehicles will be traveling to Sunrise to perform necessary work that is required before services are available to the public. This work includes snow removal around buildings, connection of essential utilities (such as water, electric, and sewage), and installation of signage. During this phase of work efforts, road access is limited to bicycles and pedestrian traffic only – bikers and hikers are advised to proceed with caution and awareness, as work vehicles will be traveling the road throughout the day.

Additionally, the road will be open to recreational use of biking and hiking this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (June 10-12) before work vehicle access begins on Monday, June 13.

Sunrise Road Access

  • Through June 9 – Closed to all recreation while road crew finishes plowing the road.
  • June 10-12, Fri-Sun – Open to recreational use of bicyclists and hikers. No vehicles will be on the road, but please be aware of others recreating along the road.
  • June 13 – June 30 – Open to recreational use of bicyclists and hikers but sharing the road with work vehicles. The road can still close to recreational access at any time. Always check the sign on the Sunrise gate to see if recreational use is allowed or not before heading up.
  • July 1 – Sunrise Road open to the public.

The closest vehicles access point to Sunrise is at White River, which also provides access to services such as toilets. The White River Wilderness Information Center is open daily from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. The White River Campground opens for the season on Friday, June 24.

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