More bars in more places, like at Paradise, Mt. Rainier

2 December 2016 | Episode |

Not those kind of bars, although a cool brew pub, pouring local beers at Paradise would be pretty cool too.

What we’re talking about is cell coverage & internet connectivity.
Mt. Rainier National Park received an application from Verizon and T-Mobile to install a wireless communications facility at Paradise. Mind you, this is not a giant tower.

Here is the link to the official press release.

Mount Rainier National Park is considering two alternatives: a no action alternative, and an action alternative. Under the no action alternative, a right-of-way permit would not be granted, and wireless cellular service would not be provided by Verizon Wireless/T-Mobile in the park’s Paradise area. Under the action alternative, the telecommunications companies would be granted right-of-way permits, enabling them to provide year-round service to their customers in the most heavily visited area of the park.

If you got an opinion, like we do, the Park is inviting public comments. Follow this link and let your voice be heard.

Here is where I’m at on this issue:

Paradise is a super popular place, overflowing with visitors almost every day, rain or shine during the Summer months. It’s a great place to enhance the outdoor experience to the ‘average tourist’ and allow them to feel comfortable in an place that sees such a high percentage of first time visitors. Paradise, for many people is their first and often only outdoor experience in Mount Rainier. It is a catalyst for further adventures and that initial taste of what wilderness could be.

  • Offering cell coverage will increase the overall safety in the area.
  • It’ll be fun to see more pictures being shared, more check-ins and more live videos. This is what brings the outdoors back to people’s homes and invites them to go and explore. Their experiences can inspire more to get outside, which will in turn help push to fully fund the public lands of America.
  • People who are looking for a true wilderness experience and might find offense with visitors updating their Instagram feed are not flocking the gift shop anyway. There are tons of great places to get away from it all, so why tell other people how to enjoy an already popular and crowded area?

Got something to say?

Make sure you leave your comment before the December 12 deadline and let us know your thoughts on Twitter.


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