Introducing the Summit Book: 2016

10 February 2016 | Episode |

Oh, hey there! We just published a book!
Our first annual Summit Book for 2016 is fresh off the printer and we couldn’t be happier with what we’ve created. It serves as a mile marker for how much we’ve grown. The book is our annual celebration of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, one of the greatest places on this planet, as we invite you to join the fun. 

In our first year of publishing this online magazine, we’ve written well over 250 articles. Over a quarter million people visited our website from every corner of the world. Hundreds signed up for our newsletter Alpenglow. You are one of them, and for that we want to thank you.
Late last year, when we were looking back and what we’ve accomplished, we decided that we wanted to do something special for you, and for us.
For this Summit Book, we gathered our favorite articles, stories, and trip reports and curated them into a cohesive collection.

  • Our Mountain Focus will celebrate one of the most iconic mountains in the Cascades. Mount Saint Helens affected and changed the Pacific Northwest like few mountains ever have. We climbed it, hiked it and talk about the impact it had in great detail.
  • In this year’s Region Focus, we chose on one of our favorite weekend playgrounds: Olympic National Park’s Staircase, by Hood Canal. It is an often overlooked entrance to Olympic that offers a wide variety of incredible experiences and adventures so close to our doorstep. It is never ending beauty and you ned to learn more about it.
  • Trail Running – a primer we unlock and demystify one of outdoors hottest trend sports.
  • And finally, the year 2015 serves as a clear reminder that our climate is indeed changing. Doug has collected stories and observations about the effects of this on our weather, our environment and how we interact with it.


This book is a way to remember how all of this began and for us to show that we are proud of what we’ve achieved. We made this physical book, with paper and ink, to symbolically and practically bring our ideas into the world. It is gorgeous.

We’ve got big plans for 2016, and this announcement is the first of many incredible things we coming up.

Please join us for a special LIVE event at Three Magnets Brewing in downtown Olympia on March 3rd. Share a beer with us and celebrate our first year in operation. Grab a copy of our first run Collector’s Edition of the Summit Book 2016 signed by the authors.


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