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Steph Decker
on Singletrack

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‘The Pourquoi of Running’, with Steph Decker

22 November 2021 | Episode 209

Steph joins the show again to follow up on her injury that sidelined her summer project. We talk about traveling to France, visiting family and drinking wine.
Amidst gratitude for the time we get to spend on trails we carefully hatch some dreams about next year’s summer adventures.

Show notes, links and gear

Mountain goat Steph Decker joins the show to talk about the latest adventure project she’s been working on. Inspired by ultra uber runner Christof Teuscher she’s working on a variation of his “Olympic Loops” in Olympic National Park. The project is a beast and while rendering somewhat speechless is inspiring me hugely to dream of new adventures. And of course, no conversation about massive adventures would be complete without a good conversation around shoes and gear.

Show notes, links and gear

Sometimes planning an adventure is almost has exciting as actually adventuring, and on some adventures things go sideways and still offer the best memories and a thirst for more. This is the story of Steph Decker who almost spontaneously invited Calvin Kuo and Freddie Most to an attempt of the fabled and rarely travelled R2R2R alt route down into the Grand Canyon and back. And yes, the alt route is the one without the bridge over the river, so as swimming across is the only option.

Show notes, links and gear