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Jeff Vierling
on Singletrack

One of my favorite outdoor companies redesigns their logo and overhauls their brand and I had to hear the story behind it all. Jeff Vierling, co-founder of Tailwind Nutrition joins Singletrack to share the process, the design decisions, and the challenges to keep all the various pieces of a undertaking like this moving. The designer in me loves stuff like this. The runner in me loves their endurance fuel and recover mix.

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Not new: Singletrack loves Tailwind.
New: In this episode of Singletrack Jenny and Jeff Vierling, cofounders of Tailwind Nutrition give your friendly podcast hosts a unique inside view of how the company was started and the product developed and produced. Come along for the ride and hear how this unique business deals not just with the everyday challenges in today’s world, but also how Jeff and Jenny take care of their employees, their immediate community in Durango, Colorado and our outdoor community at large. Must listen audio nutrition!

Show notes, links and gear