Elwha Valley closed for repairs of Olympic Hot Springs Road

20 July 2016 | Episode |

There’s good and there’s bad news.
The good news is that the Olympic Hot Springs road will be repaired starting Monday. The bad news is that all access to the Elwha Valley will be closed during construction.

We’ve been mentioning this closure on our Adventure Dispatch podcast weekly and now it’s happening, which is exciting.

This Monday July 25th repairs begin on the Olympic Hot Springs road which was severely damaged last winter as record rainfalls led to severe washouts eroding and damaging the road.

  • The repairs, according the the ONP will take about eight weeks during which the road will be closed to all pedestrian access.
  • You can still get to Madison Falls trail and parking area but anything beyond this point will be closed for the duration of the construction.
  • ONP’s focus will be first on completing the in-water work before spawning fish return in August.
  • The construction includes an installation of a temporary bridge along with extensive road repair on both sides of the washout.

We’ll keep you updated on this work. Listen to our Adventure Dispatch if you’re traveling the area and connect with us on Twitter for last minute updates.