Eight Huts we need in the Mountains of the American West

30 April 2015 | Episode |

Here are eight huts that will make you dream of leaving work on a Friday early and escaping to the mountains.

Don’t get me wrong, the Northwest has some great huts and some incredible historic lodges in the National Parks. But there are also wooden shacks and chalets in remote places which are in desperate need of attention.

The outdoors of the West are wild. And we love it that way.
But every now and then we dream of escaping for a weekend to a beautiful hut in the mountains, with modern amenities and reasonable prices. Places you can only find in the magnificent Alps.



Photo credit: Mathias Eichler

LocationThe hut is at 6860ft right above the town Oberstdorf on the border of Germany and Austria, below the Hohes Licht, Germany’s second highest peak.

How many beds: 300beds! Yes, you read that right. At ~$22/night.

Why is it awesome: On my trip to Europe last year I stayed at that hut over night and it was magical. Warm showers, a great meal in a simple but comfortable atmosphere. That’s the way to spend a night on a mountain. (Remember that hut, I’ll write in more detail about my experience.)


Monte Rosa Hütte


Photo credit: Wikipedia

Location: The Monte Rosa Hut (German: Monte-Rosa-Hütte) is a mountain hut located near Zermatt at the foot of Monte Rosa (4,634 m) at an altitude of 2,795 metres, that’s 9200 freakin’-ft. It is owned by the Swiss Alpine Club.

How many beds: 120 beds at ~$42/night.

Why is it awesome: Are you freaking kidding me. Do you see that picture? It’s the coolest thing in the world. Can you imagine a structure like this anywhere on the West Coast in any of the cool spots? Hurricane Ridge perhaps?


Quattro Festkogl Alm


Photo credit: Press Photo

Location: Festkogl/Obergurgl ski area in the Öztal, Austria at 2650m/8694ft.

How many beds: Just a ski hut. But, what kind of ski hut… dude…

Why is it awesome: Can’t really drive your AUDI on the ski slopes, or can you?
Alpine coziness and hospitality in perfect tune with state-of-the-art automobile manufacturing. Many of the furniture materials, ranging from old pieces to brand-new design objects, remind of automotive lightweight constructions. As soon as you enter Festkogl Alm you will be enchanted by the old and the new in either transformed areas or authentic parlors.
Vorsprung durch Technik!




Photo credit: Taken from website for the hut

LocationThe Schatzer Lodge is very close to the town of Brixen/Bressanone in the Dolomites, South Tyrol, on the southern slope of the Gablers, 2,004 meters (6574ft) above sea-level.

How many beds: 25 beds. Check on their website for pricing.

Why is it awesome: In the Schatzer Lodge (2004 m), life is focused on the essentials: no road traffic, no electronic media, just exercise in the fresh mountain air coupled with healthy and exquisite cuisine. What else can you ask for? Here Coziness is written in capitals. A resort for relaxation – for an unforgettable stay in the mountains.


Las Vegas Lodge


Photo credit: Taken from website for the hut

LocationAccess via a cable car the Las Vegas Lodge is located in the heart of South Tyrol at 2,050 m or 6597ft.

How many beds: Not sure how many beds, but it’s around $115/room.

Why is it awesome: Well, we forget about the name, but the Las Vegas mountain hut offers not only a traditional atmosphere, but also elegant designer rooms. The restaurant is abounding in style and charm as well, while the cuisine is classic yet creative.


Capanna Moterascio


Photo credit: Photographed from the DAV calendar 2015.

Location: between Zurich and Milano, in the Blenio Valley in Switzerland.
2171 m.

How many beds: 70 beds at  ~$24/night.

Why is it awesome: Perfectly located to invite awesome hiking and climbing of the nearby mountains, the hut marries modern design with the original structure from 1967. Also, the name, the name is just perfect.


Mindelheimer Hütte


Photo credit: Taken from website for the hut

Location: 2013m/6604ft, Above Oberstdorf and Hirschegg in the Allgäu, German Alps.

How many beds: 120 beds at ~$22/night.

Why is it awesome: Similar to the Rappenseehütte, this Deutsche Alpen Verein hut is perfectly located to explore the higher mountain regions further. Several awesome Via Ferrata access points are near by.




Photo credit: Taken from website for the hut

Location: 1602m above Schloß Linderhof, one of King Ludwig’s other castles. You know, the guy who built the Neuschwanstein Castle, the one you see in every picture of Germany, ever.

How many beds: 30 beds at ~$20/night.

Why is it awesome: Well, this hut was one of King Ludwig’s hunting huts… you’re staying in awesome, royal history. And that for 20 bucks a night. I’ll be right over.


Have you been to any of the incredible huts in the Alps, let me know on Twitter.

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