Because the world Is awesome

13 March 2015 | Episode |

Let’s kick off the weekend with a few inspiring links to cool stuff we found online this week. Because the world is awesome, and you are awesome too.

• You can go mountain biking in a cave. yes, you read correct.

There are two distinct advantages of biking underground: the weather and the temperature.

If Kentucky seems too far away, try the Burlington Bike Park. Indoor biking, without the cave.

• Travel to the Khumbu, region of Nepal via Google Maps Street View.

• Reinhold Messner is making his rounds in the U.S. This time he’s visiting National Geographic:

“Adventure has to do with private, personal experiences,” Messner says.

We couldn’t agree more.

• Massive boulders, landslide will keep Stevens Canyon Road closed until Memorial Day.

According to park geologist Scott Beason, some of the boulders were 25 feet in diameter. Some are so large it might require blasting to break them up so the debris can be removed from the roadway.

• And, since we in the Pacific Northwest had such a shitty winter considering snow, here is a video of Temple Cummins shredding the Olympic National Park at Hurricane Ridge.
Yes, folks. Have an awesome weekend. Go out there, explore, recharge and celebrate life!

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