Alpenglow – Issue #3

15 June 2015 | Episode |

Finding the perfect Mountain

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Ueli Steck, swiss-born extreme mountaineer has started his next challenge titled ’82 Summits’. That’s climbing the 82 4000meter summits in the Alps in 80 days and riding his bike across several countries between the peaks.
Yeah, that’s an incredible task, follow along on their website. 

• Not surprisingly the Pacific Crest Trail is really popular this year, due to the somewhat popular movie ‘Wild’ after a sort of popular book titled the same. But I don’t think Hollywood deserves all the credit here. They are just capturing the current zeitgeist. The outdoors lifestyle is incredible hot currently, thanks to bearded hipsters from Brooklyn to Portland. National Park visitor numbers and outdoor retailer revenues have been telling this story for some time now.

• Talking about the popularity of the outdoors, Adam Stack as put together some numbers on how much search traffic the successful Dawn Wall climb by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson – fascinating stuff.

• Last weekend while driving past the Mount Ellinor lower trailhead we counted over 40 cars park in the lot, and left and right, wherever anyone could find space. The outdoors are popular, and the weather is helping making the Pacific Northwest the premier destination to enjoy a hike, a climb or just a great road trip.

• Washington native John Krakauer’s captivating and controversial book Into Thin Air is getting rewarded with another movie adaptation. This one is not a documentary, has a higher profile cast, and is telling the story the way it might’ve happened. Filmed in big parts on location in South Tyrol, interestingly enough.
Catch the trailer here.

• While here in the Puget Sound everyone is thrilled with this week’s US Open Golf tournament at Chambers Bay, just south of Tacoma, WA another, albeit very different event to watch for and follow online is coming up in early July:
Red Bull XAlps is one of the world’s toughest adventure races in which athletes must hike or fly 1,000 km across the Alps

• In peculiar water-related news: There was a bright-red octopus in West Seattle last week.
You know they are here to take over the world, right?

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