Adventure Dispatch July 23rd – 29th

22 July 2016 | Episode |

It’s  summertime folks and the weather couldn’t be better this coming week. Grab your family and head out to Olympic. Well, and listen to our Adventure Dispatch to see what’s up.

Trusty transcript below:

Welcome to the Adventure Dispatch for the week of July 23rd to July 29th, 2016 in Olympic National Park. This week’s information is presented by the rugged and awesome staff at The Outdoor Society. Get inspired and explore the wild with us.

Well, July is almost over, meaning that you have five more months of 2016 to get out and explore the beauty of Olympic National Park. Luckily, the weather this coming week finally reflects that summer is back, allowing for long days of stunning views and cool nights of incredible stargazing. If you haven’t yet explored Olympic, this week will be amazing.

We start out as we always do, with the weather:

  • in Port Angeles and the north side of the Olympic Peninsula. For the coming week, the forecast looks incredible, with clear skies and highs in the 70s forecasted Sunday through Friday. This Saturday will be partly cloudy, but still gorgeous. Rain will more than likely be non-existent, but be aware that foggy mornings may occur.
  • Out along the coast and in the rainforests of Olympic, the weather will also be quite gorgeous. Highs will hover around 70 degrees, with sunny to partly cloudy skies forecasted throughout the weekend and coming week. The best days to hit the coast or rainforest will be next Thursday and Friday, with highs near 80 degrees! Isn’t it nice to have summer back?
  • If you are looking for the best weather on the Olympic Peninsula, once again the Hood Canal region is where you need to go. Aside from Saturday, where overcast skies with a high of 73 is called for, the rest of the week in the region will be stunning and hot. Highs during the week start in the low 80s and reach nearly 90 by next Friday.

Here is our road closure and construction update:

  • Starting Monday, July 25th, repairs will begin on the Olympic Hot Springs road, which was severely damaged last winter as record rainfalls led to severe washouts eroding and damaging the road. The repairs, according the the ONP, will take about eight weeks. During this time, the road and the Elwha region will be closed to all pedestrian access.
  • Graves Creek Road in the Quinault Region is washed out 2 miles from the Graves Creek Campground. RVs and large cars are not recommended on the road to the washout because the turnaround spot is pretty small.
  • Also the Dosewallips Road out along the Hood Canal is permanently closed and has been for over a decade. The area is still accessible by foot or bike.
  • Construction will be occurring in the aforementioned Elwha Valley, as well as a Pavement Patching Project around Hurricane Ridge and Lake Crescent. From July 25 through July 29, the pavement patching will take place by the Lake Crescent Lodge area, at the Heart O’the Hill Campground and along the Hurricane Ridge Road. During these dates, roads will be reduced to one travel lane while the contractor is working and flaggers and pilot cars will be onsite to assist with traffic. Delays of up to 15 minutes should be expected.
    All other roads should be good to go.

If you plan on camping in Olympic this week, here’s the scoop.

  • All of the campgrounds in Olympic National Park that will open this year are now open. However, Only the Sol Duc and Kalaloch campgrounds take reservations, while every other campground is first come, first serve. The only campground closures in Olympic are along the Elwha River, due to the washouts last winter. Dosewallips and Graves Creek campgrounds are also open, but are only accessible as walk-in campgrounds.

For those visiting Olympic this week, The Outdoor Society’s “Trail of the Week” is Second Beach at LaPush. While all the coastal glory of LaPush tends to go toward Rialto and Hole in the Wall, Second Beach is a slice of true wilderness beauty along a hidden stretch of sand, forest and stunning sea stacks. At just four miles round trip, this hike is family friends and home to tide pools and the most gorgeous sunsets you may ever see. Capped off with a natural arch reaching into the breaking waves, hikers of all ages and abilities will fall in love with nature and be inspired by this hike. More information on these regions can be found on and in our Olympic National Park Guidebooks.
This week’s events around Olympic National Park are limited, but there as some cool ranger programs at Kalaloch Campground that are well worth attending. On Thursdays, from 8 to 9 pm there is an Evening Program: 100 Years Under the Sea. This evening program explores our underwater ocean world. The program is offered rain or shine and is a great way to get to know the area even better. A full list of Ranger-led programs can be found on the ONP website.

With that, this concludes this week’s Adventure Dispatch. Summer is here and you need to go outside and enjoy the sun and the warmth. You never know when it will return! If you have any questions, please reach out to us on Twitter and check our website for more info. This is Mathias saying, “Thanks for tuning in and we will catch you next week, same time, same place.”

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