A Bus Ticket to your Favorite Trailhead

11 May 2015 | Episode |

Pretty amazing new service by King Country Metro is being tested and offered in North Bend.

You can now take the bus to Little Si, Mount Si and Teneriffe trailheads. According to the Seattle Times:

A new shuttle service is expected to ease traffic congestion at some popular hiking trails, including Mount Si. The shuttle schedule is coordinated with King County Metro bus arrivals, so people can reach the trailheads from Seattle without driving

Seattle has teamed with the State Department of Natural Resources, the Washington Trails Association and the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, to offer this service and could in the future include the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley, Rattlesnake Lake and other hiking, biking or kayaking routes. Take your kayak on the bus? That’s something I want to see!

Just last weekend I hiked Mt. Townsend and the trailhead  parking lot was completely overflowing with cars. We had to park over half a mile back at a turn out. I really want to write something snarky about who we should be blaming for this unavoidable  increase in even more people taking advantage of our awesome outdoors and hiking our incredible trails… but I leave it for someone else.

Seriously people, it’s great to see so many entities working together and bringing more people on the trails.

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