‘Running Fast with Statler and Waldorf’

23 January 2020 | Episode 92 |

In this week’s audio extravaganza the team dives into the excellent article on the future of alpinism in Rock and Ice. Stories are being told of running adventure while traveling and and somehow roller skates are thrown into the mix.

When your good nights have been said
And you are lying in bed
With the covers pulled up tight
And though you count every sheep
You get the feeling that sleep
Is going to stay away tonight.
That’s when you hear it coming
That is when you hear the humming of the
Midnight train, here again
Can’t explain that midnight train, that midnight train

Starlight Express, you must confess
Are you real, yes or no?
Starlight Express, answer me yes.
I don’t want you to go.



  • Rock and Ice: Will The Future of Alpinism Belong To Runners? by Tracy Ross