‘Tick, Tick…. Boom!’

6 June 2019 | Episode 59 |

Did you go on a run for Global Running Day?
It’s tick season and your concerned hosts share some info and tips on how you can stay healthy. Don’t let those little bastards grind you down.

Also on the show:

  • Red Bull XAlps, one of the most exciting endurance races is kicking off next week and the team discusses how to cover and report on a 100M trail race so us, sitting on the couch back home can follow the action.
  • John Kelly attempt the Grand Round, and Jonny Muir writes a beautiful blogpost summarizing the effort.
  • Ultra Runner Stephanie Case response to last week’s infamous Outside article. (Her response is somewhere on Outside Online… but no link… sorry folks.
  • And the team recalls their first steps getting back into running many years ago.

Sing up for our Little Backyard Adventure this summer in Olympia and come race with us.

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