‘What’s Your Number?’

30 April 2020 | Episode 106 |

Some state parks and other public lands are slowly being opened up for outdoor activity. What does this mean for us trail runners and how should we behalf when heading for the trail heads? This and other hard hitting questions are being discussed in this week’s show.
Also: Virtual Vert Challenge is happening this weekend and the Virtual Trail Running Film Festival is coming to your living room.
Exciting times in quarantine-land.


Mathias’ Next Day Baguette

  • Water: 340 grams
  • Yeast: 5 grams
  • White Flour: 400 grams
  • Dark Rye Flour: 100 grams

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, turn dough onto the counter and mix knead for 10-15min until the dough is smooth and bouncy without adding too much flour.
Put into a big enough, slightly oiled container so it can easily double in size without overflowing. Put container in the fridge overnight to allow for a slow rise.
Following day:
Push the air out of the dough, cut into three equal sizes, shape into balls and let rest to room temps for 15 min.
Shape balls into long loaves and put side by side onto baking sheet.
While loaves proof for an hour and double in size heat the oven to highest temp with baking stone inside.
When ready to bake, drop temp to 450. Bake breads for 20-30min until golden brown.


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