‘Be Safe Out There’

9 April 2020 | Episode 103 |

Doug and Mathias discuss how to venture into the outdoors in a safe manner and come up with a few rules on how to enjoy the outdoors in these crazy times we live in. They celebrate the ingenious backyard projects and our endless yearning for adventure.
The mountain will wait for us, but will we be patient to wait for them?

Our Rules:

  1. Behave like you’re the carrier of the virus – stay way from people.
  2. Be flexible with your plans, avoid crowded places, find routes where you can easily avoid people.
  3. Stay within your community.
  4. Don’t put yourself in a place where ‘Search and Rescue’ might need to be called – no risky adventures.
  5. Don’t run with anyone outside your immediate household – adventures alone.

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