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Singletrack Store

Printed on demand by our friends at Cotton Bureau.

SERVUS! – the shirt

‘Servus’, the popular alpine greeting is meant as a friendly, welcoming acknowledgment for fellow travelers you meet on the trails to the mountain summit. This is how every episode of Singletrack begins.

And this shirt is catchphrase merch, as the cool kids call it.


FIRST TEN TO THE TOP – the shirt

A riff of popular shirt design from the early 2000s, our first shirt of the new year is celebrating the early adventurers in the high alpine mountains. Listed are the first ten men and women who successfully summited Mt. Everest. Both shirts come in a variety of colors (based on Cotton Bureau’s availability) and in both men and women’s sizes for each design.

As we dream of adventure may we never lose sight of the fact that we stand on the shoulders of giants.


Printed on demand by our friends at Cotton Bureau.

Printed on demand by our friends at Cotton Bureau.

SINGLETRACK – the shirt

Show you love and support of your favorite mountain running podcast with our classic Singletrack logo shirts, and more. Two new designs, comfy shirt materials and lots of sizes, shapes, colors and styles.


ADVENTURE RUNNING – Exploring Olympia’s Trails

“Adventure Running – Exploring Olympia’s Trails” offers a visually engaging way to discover the outdoors in the backyard of Washington State’s capitol city. From local trails in city parks, training runs in surrounding State Parks to long adventure runs in Olympic and Mount Rainier National Park, Mathias Eichler shares the best trails, highlights the most fun routes and invites you to step off the pavement and embrace the dirt.