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2019 saw a super successful inaugural race at LBA Woods. 2020 saw… like all of us, nothing. But this year we’re back and just as excited as ever to build on, and continue the tradition of trail racing in Olympia.

After this past dark year it’s time to find those running shoes again and get ready to venture out. The Little Backyard Adventure race is back and you’re invited to Olympia and come race with us.

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There was a time… you might dimly remember it… when the best life was… lived outdoors, when people would gather to share experiences, to laugh, to celebrate.
Well, here we are today, and we’re making lemonade and all that good stuff.

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In the cold and dark of winter, let’s light the fire of adventure. Get inspired for a new year filled with glorious sunsets, spectacular mountains, and winding trails among trees.

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